We need Pre-define transportation on every road to get rid of traffic jam

Traffic jam is a very dangerous problem here in and other cities of Bangladesh. Authority should predefined transportation to get rid of the problem.

Bangladesh is a densely populated country. Dhaka is a over populated country in the world. Traffic jam is a common phenomena of this country. Authority do nothing to minimize these problem and if they do something really less than the demand.

Narrow road, unplanned design and too many vehicles on the road are  killing million working hours everyday. Besides, reckless driving, overtaking intention and unskilled driver on the road create most of the traffic jam in Dhaka everyday. Government and private planning committee are trying to improve these situation and minimize the losing hour very hardly. But disobeying traffic signal and lack of awareness of the drivers does not bring any positive result.

It is also very unfortunate that our bus owner did not pay any attention in this matter. They did not do anything such training the driver, aware them to follow traffic rules on the roads and follow the guidance of the traffic control authority, on their part to improve the traffic conditions of Dhaka.

Pathao and Shohoz two leading ride sharing companies and some other ride sharing companies are helping the citizen of Dhaka to travel to their working place safely and on time. But this is not enough for mass peoples. Public transportation is needed and new road constructions needed to over come from traffic jam of Dhaka. Besides, It is also necessary to increase the existing road width so that vehicles can easily move on the road. New traffic control system should be implement and arranged training program for the driver to make them aware of the traffic rules can bring positive result in traffic condition.

Government and private organizations should work together to inspire peoples to live in village and set up new factory and industries in the rural area can stop peoples’ to city from village.

To over come traffic problem in big cities , authority should build rail connectivity around the city. implement and enforce strict rules to the private vehicle owner to run their vehicles on the road. Inspire all citizens to use public transport.