Walton Mobile Price Down

Get the delight of new year on its eve and make
your beginning of 2015 with a blast. Be hurry to
grab your favorite WALTON Primo in special price
before it out of stock!
Primo R3- 11,690 BDT (Previous Price: 12,490 BDT)
Primo RX2- 13,990 BDT (Previous Price: 14,990
Primo S3- 15,390 BDT (Previous Price: 16,390 BDT)
Primo EF- 6,490 BDT (Previous Price: 6,990 BDT)
Primo EF2- 6,590 BDT (Previous Price: 7,090 BDT)
Primo F4- 6,790 BDT (Previous Price: 7,190 BDT)
Primo GF2- 7,290 BDT (Previous Price: 7,990 BD