Top 10 Best Payment Gateways in Bangladesh

Top 10 payment gateways you should choose for your E-Commerce store in Bangladesh?

  1. Setup Fee
Payment Gateway Setup Fee
PortWallet Starter
BDT + 5,000Business
BDT+ 20,000
AamarPay 4 Types of plan

BDT 4,000 – BDT 15,000

ShurjaPay Corporate
Setup – BDT 10,000
Integration – BDT 10,000Education
Setup – BDT 10,000
Integration – BDT 5,000
BttPay Free Free
PaySpace Free
2Checkout Free
Easy Pay Way Basic – BDT 5,000
Starter – BDT 10,000
Professional – BDT 18,000
Corporate – BDT 20,000
Walletmix NA
  1. Annual fee
Payment Gateway Annual fee
PortWallet Business
BDT 24,000
AamarPay Free
ShurjaPay Free
BttPay Free $25 per month
PaySpace Free
2Checkout Free
Easy Pay Way Basic – Free
Starter – BDT 500
Professional – BDT 2,000
Corporate – BDT 2,500
Walletmix NA
  1. Commission per transaction
Payment Gateway Commission per transaction
SSLCOMMERZ Visa/Mastercard
2.5%Internet Banking/Other cards
2% – 4%
PortWallet Credit/Debit Card
Starter – 3.8% + BDT 2
Business – 3.5% + BDT 1Net Banking
Starter – 3% + BDT 2
Business – 2.5% + BDT 1
AamarPay Card
2.55% – 3.25%bKash, Rocket, SureCash
1.85% – 2.1%
ShurjaPay Corporate
MasterCard, Visa, Nexus – 2.5%
Amerian Express – 3.5%
Mobile Wallet – 2%Education – 1.5% (Except Nexus)
BttPay 3.8% + $2 Per transaction 10¢,

Daily batch fee 10¢

PaySpace 1.2% + 0.30$
2Checkout 3.9 % + $0.45 USD

1.5% cross-border fee

Easy Pay Way Basic – 6.5%
Starter – 5%
Professional – 3.90%
Corporate – As agreed
Walletmix Visa, MasterCard, DBBL – 2.5%
American Express, Easter Bank, Brac Bank – 3.5%
Qcash – 2.5%
Others – 1.90%
  1. Payment methods accepted
Payment Gateway Payment methods accepted
SSLCOMMERZ Visa, Mastercard, DBBL NEXUS Cards, Islamic Bank Net Banking, Bank Asia Net Banking, Mutual Trust Bank Net Banking, City Bank/ Amex, DBBL Mobile Banking, Bkash
PortWallet Visa, MasterCard, bKash, Nexus
AamarPay bKash, Rocket, SureCash, Visa and MaterCard, qCashu, UnionPay, Amex
ShurjaPay All Debit/Credit cards, Dinners Club, Mx supported, Bangladesh Armed Forces, Dhaka WASA, Red Crescent, Internet banking
BttPay All major Debit and Credit Card Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, PayPal, Visa SRC, Apple Pay, Chase Pay, E-check
PaySpace All International Credit/Debit cards
2Checkout American Express, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Neteller, PO, Skrill, Paypal, Bank Transfer
Easy Pay Way Bangladeshi & International VISA, MASTER and NEXUS Debit/Credit Card
Walletmix American Express, BRAC bank, Visa, MasterCard, bKash, city bank, Trust bank, Eastern Bank, IFIC bank, myCash, Mercantile Bank, FastCash, Qcash, Mobile Money, DBBL Nexus
  1. Fraud & Risk management
Payment Gateway Fraud & Risk management
PortWallet Yes
AamarPay Yes
ShurjaPay Yes
BttPay Yes Yes
PaySpace Yes
2Checkout Yes
Easy Pay Way Yes
Walletmix Yes
  1. Accepted currencies
Payment Gateway Accepted Currencies
PortWallet Multi-currency support
AamarPay BDT only
ShurjaPay Supports every currency
BttPay 100+ currencies Supports every currency
PaySpace Multi-currency support including Cryptocurrency
Available in 130+ countries
2Checkout All major
Easy Pay Way Payment handling in BDT; Multi-currency support
Walletmix Payment handling in BDT; Multi-currency support
  1. Set up type
Payment Gateway Set up type
PortWallet Physical
AamarPay Online
ShurjaPay Online
BttPay Online Online
PaySpace Online
2Checkout Online
Easy Pay Way Online
Walletmix Online
  1. Onboarding & Approvals time
Payment Gateway Onboarding & Approvals time
PortWallet NA
AamarPay 24 hours
ShurjaPay NA
BttPay Less than 10 days 1 day
PaySpace 1-30 days
2Checkout 24-48 hours
Easy Pay Way NA
Walletmix NA
  1. Recurring Billing
Payment Gateway Recurring Billing
PortWallet No
AamarPay Yes
ShurjaPay Yes
BttPay Yes Yes
PaySpace Yes
2Checkout Yes
Easy Pay Way Yes
Walletmix Yes
  1. Charges on Refunds
Payment Gateway Charges on Refunds
SSLCOMMERZ No Extra Charge
PortWallet No Extra Charges
AamarPay No Extra Charges
ShurjaPay No Extra Charges
BttPay No extra charges No extra charges
PaySpace No extra charges
2Checkout No extra charge
Easy Pay Way No extra charge
Walletmix No extra charge
  1. SDK Stacks
Payment Gateway SDK Stacks
SSLCOMMERZ, Nodejs, Python, Cakephp, PHP, Java , Laravel
PortWallet JSON, PHP, iOS, Android
AamarPay Laravel, Android
ShurjaPay Laravel, Android, iOS
BttPay Jquery, JavaScript, PHP, Mobile SDKs Nodejs, Java, php, Ruby, .net core, iOS, python, C#, Android, Windows
PaySpace PHP curl, JSON
2Checkout Java, Ruby, .net, C#, Python
Easy Pay Way PHP, iOS
Walletmix No SDKs available
  1. Settlement time
Payment Gateway Settlement time
PortWallet Bi-Weekly
AamarPay 1 week
ShurjaPay 1 week
BttPay 15-30 days Every business day
PaySpace Depends on the agreement
2Checkout Weekly – Transfer to Bank Account
Easy Pay Way 1 day
Walletmix 1 week
  1. Payouts support
Payment Gateway Payouts support
PortWallet No
AamarPay Yes
ShurjaPay No
BttPay No Yes
PaySpace No
2Checkout Yes
Easy Pay Way No
Walletmix No
  1. Split payments
Payment Gateway Split payments
PortWallet No
AamarPay No
ShurjaPay No
BttPay No Yes
PaySpace No
2Checkout Yes
Easy Pay Way No
Walletmix No

For more information, please visit relevant payment service gateway office.